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Tai Chi Push Hands is a cooperative two person exercise that balances the energies of both people by applying the principles of Chi Kung and Tai Chi. It enables individuals to neutralize aggression while remaining calm in the face of adversity.  An excellent introduction to the martial aspect of Tai Chi Chuan, Push Hands is the bridge between the Tai Chi form and fighting.


Susan Rabinowitz demonstrates
pushing hands with a student.

Push Hands begins in a one-handed fixed foot position, progresses to two handed fixed foot posture, two handed moving routines, and finally to a free form practice. Beginning as a cooperative exercise, Push Hands can develop into a sophisticated martial arts routine that is also a two person moving meditation.

Push Hands teaches students to go beyond the physical and to feel and use their own energy and that of their partner. Whether the goal is fighting, health, or meditation, Push Hands is widely known for developing balance and sensitivity, promoting calmness along with strength and stillness within movement.

Here are some of the Tai Chi Push Hands classes we teach

Internal Artists are like willows with roots that go deep in the earth and leaves that dance in the air. This course will help students sink their energy below their feet for grounding, balance and strength, and sensitize their arms so they may feel and emit energy. The relaxed, cooperative, two person exercises help students develop, health, insight and ease in everyday interactions. For more information about Rooting please see Finding Your Root.

Taught in a friendly and noncompetitive environment, this cooperative style of
Push Hands helps practitioners to develop sensitivity and balance and  inspires harmonious interactions in everyday life. In this course we  will work with partners and focus on activating the body's natural circularity to release blocks, and relax body and mind.  Students will learn to go beyond the physical so they may feel and use their own energy and that of their partner. Students of all traditions and levels of experience will find their practice enriched by cooperative Push Hands.

This course focuses on Pushing Hands as a method of building sensitivity,  relaxing and releasing the inside of the body and the mind. The  practice of Pushing Hands is a good intermediary step providing a route for the student to  begin applying the principles learned in the Tai Chi solo for to the social interactions of everyday life.

For more information on  Push Hands classes please see our Class Schedule.

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